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60 Years of Excellence in Translation

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Since 1950, Dussault Translation has become the premiere provider for quality language and translation services in Canada. Counting clients in government, heavy industry, legal, medical and environmental fields, Dussault has gained the respect of its clients that look for superior translation services. From individual language needs to large-scale translation work, Dussault stands with pride in the ability to meet the challenges of any professional translation service and its clients today.

At Dussault, we employ the best and most qualified professionals in the field. We also provide clients with accurate quotes quickly that can meet their budget needs, no matter what size of translation project they have. With a staff equipped to translate over 75 languages, Dussault is ready to assist you at any time and in any language too!

Make the right choice for language services. Make Dussault your choice.

Our Translations Services

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Custom Solutions

Reputable translation agencies know that every client has different needs: anything between a couple of simple pages to complex classified technical documents to be translated. Dussault Translation Ltd. always strives for offering our customers translation services tailored to their particular situation.

Translations of documents into any language
Quality Control

For most executives and managers, relying on a translation company is a matter of trust. Unless the manager is fluent in the language, the translation cannot be checked.

Ensuring accuracy of a translation requires several levels of review and checking, a facility lacking in some of the smaller less experienced translation agencies.

Quality control within the translation company is of paramount importance when choosing a translation company.

Medical translations in Canada and worldwide
Professional Liability Insurance

Fully insured for decades, Dussault Translation has never been the subject of a claim and enjoys a stellar reputation for providing clients with customized solutions to all their translation and interpretation needs. Your business is important. Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve!